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Apex Trading is committed to creating across-the-board efficiencies for licensed wholesale cannabis cultivators, product manufacturers, distributors and retailers in all legal markets.

By working with businesses across the country, we truly understand your pain-points and have developed cutting-edge software and straightforward tools to make your workday easier and your business more efficient.


How Apex Trading Makes Selling Easier

Let crafting your products be your primary focus while Apex Trading delivers the tools you need to sell those products better. We know the headaches you can encounter working in our industry. By working with producers across the country, we’ve created a suite of features vital to optimizing your business. These tools not only streamline your processes with current accounts, but also help you gain new Buyers, too.

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Managing Orders, Clients and Inventory Shouldn’t Be a Hassle

Too many emails. Endless back-and-forth. Inaccurate inventory. Relying on brokers. You’ve probably experienced these headaches and more. All those challenges go away with Apex Trading.

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How Apex Trading Makes Buying Easier

Dealing with numerous vendors and the countless ways they do business can be a major time, energy and money suck. We know, because we’ve worked with Retailers across the country and have felt your pain. Apex Trading’s tools let you easily place standardized orders from your preferred vendors. Plus, you can explore and discover new brands, sellers and products to keep your inventory fresh - all from your phone, tablet or desktop. What’s more, the market data is right there, so you can make the best decisions for your company.
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One-Stop Shopping

Open 24/7 and filled with flower, extracts, genetics, pre-rolls, trim and more.

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