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One of the easiest ways to increase efficiencies in your business is getting tighter control of your inventory. Spreadsheets can help keep available quantities in order, but you have to constantly update throughout the day to maintain accuracy.

By posting your products into Apex Trading’s Inventory Management tool, you and your team can maintain accurate and current stock levels with ease. And, inventory is automatically updated to reflect any additions or subtractions. What’s more, the Back Office Suite is rounded out with Order & Client Management tools, and ensures state compliance.
Custom Storefronts

Branded Storefronts

Deliver a personalized, online shopping experience for each of your Buyers. Now you can easily set up discount tiers and curtailed product sets. What’s more, the intuitive ordering process and live inventory ensure a great purchasing experience.
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Vendor Marketplace


List your wholesale to acquire new Buyers, build your brand, or post deals to move excess stock. Industry-specific filtering lets buyers in need easily browse and order your products. What’s more, cross-platform integration saves you time by allowing your inventory upload to be viewed on the marketplace, your seller storefronts, the deals - anywhere you choose.
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Company &
Market Insights

Your Apex Trading Seller Dashboard puts actionable, intelligent data at your fingertips to help you make the best decisions for your business. Quickly list new inventory and notify your preferred buyers, track order history and market pricing trends, view product requests and more. Plus, with multiple user accounts and permissions, everyone who needs access can be involved.
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