On election day 2020, Arizona residents voted to fully legalize cannabis. With the introduction of proposition 207 in the Grand Canyon State, the cannabis industry is burgeoning. Given its almost 300 days of sun average per calendar year, Arizona is poised to emerge as a significant player in sungrown cannabis cultivation.

Consumers are flocking to purchase cannabis in cities ranging from Phoenix to Flagstaff and beyond. This demand has paved the way for businesses in the cannabis industry. Whether you cultivate, extract, manufacture, distribute, or wholesale, our platform is perfect for your business.

Apex Trading™ has been at the forefront of the cannabis industry and our tools are ideal for Arizona’s cannabis producers and retailers. We’ve created our wholesale cannabis software based on real-life experience in growing cannabis marketplaces throughout the United States.

With our wholesale cannabis management software, you’ll have tools designed expressly for the B2B cannabis industry, making your processes run smoother and faster than ever. Below you'll find some of the benefits of using our all-encompassing solutions. Keep reading to learn more.

Raise Brand Awareness

To be successful, your brand needs to stand out.

When looking to purchase cannabis and related products, buyers are given an abundance of sellers to choose from. In a crowded marketplace, it’s vital that you raise brand awareness that differentiates your product from the rest.

We make buying and selling easier than ever. On our platform, you can customize storefronts to align with your brand’s unique vision. What’s more, shopping is a breeze with customizable, branded, shoppable menus with pricing and product sets tailored specifically for retail buyers.

An added benefit is that you now have complete control of your customer’s experience. We make it easier to build relationships with your customers by staying in touch throughout the sales process. The best part is all communication can be done through the platform, so you’ll never miss a message.

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Generate New Leads

Getting leads and closing sales are the lifeblood of any business. As you already know, leads can be generated in a variety of ways both inbound and outbound. Now you can rely on Apex Trading™ to help enhance your lead generation efforts.

Find potential buyers on the vendor marketplace, through storefront links, and even the website menu. Now, Arizona wholesale cannabis buyers can prospect for new business like never before.

Collectively, these opportunities have the potential to generate new leads and take your business to the next level.

Easily Manage Real-time Inventory

With so many transactions occurring on a regular basis, it can be hard to accurately track your inventory. Our inventory management tools are designed to do just that.

The best part? It’s all in one place.

Apex Trading™ offers sales and inventory reports that help you analyze business performance. Using this software, you will gain an in-depth understanding of your sales revenue and double down on strategies that work. Equally as important, you’ll be able to stay organized by managing all transactions and inventory from a single platform.

Access to Market Pricing Insights

Determining your pricing strategy can be difficult without comparable metrics. Access to market pricing insights has the ability to transform your pricing strategy.

Apex Trading™ offers sales and inventory reports that help you analyze business performance. Using this software, you will gain an in-depth understanding of your sales revenue and double down on strategies that work. Equally as important, you’ll be able to stay organized by managing all transactions and inventory from a single platform.

This customized tool is integral in guiding decisions on pricing in Arizona’s cannabis market.

Rapid Order Processing and Quickbooks Integration

Do you use spreadsheets to manage orders, invoices, or compliance?

With our easy-to-use tools, spreadsheets become a thing of the past. Our automated software simplifies your business processes and makes it more manageable to control from a single location. Whether you’re working on compliance, reviewing order history, integrating METRC, or Quickbooks we’ve got you covered.

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Work with Us

When managing and expanding your business, look no further than our all encompassing solution created to meet your needs. From product inventory and wholesale menus to outbound marketing, sales CRM and invoices, Apex Trading™ wholesale management software allows a cannabis business to streamline every step of the wholesale process.

With Apex Trading™ you have endless capabilities including:

  • Customizable Storefronts to raise brand awareness

  • Lead generation opportunities

  • Inventory management

  • Pricing insights

  • Quickbooks integration

Our platform will help your B2B cannabis business flourish in this time of unprecedented expansion. Don’t get left behind!

Apex Trading™ is trusted by these industry leaders

We have generated greater return sales, and closed the deal on several pending accounts. Remove the frustration of processing orders with the team at Apex Trading™, they provide the most reactive and efficient customer service I have ever experienced in any industry. As a family-owned business we truly feel that Apex Trading™ has our best interest at heart, we are not just another number.

Durango Cannabis Co
Ben Durango Cannabis Co. / Colorado

Definitely worth the money! Apex Trading™ saves us a ton of time and pays for itself. Plus, the customer service is the best - anytime we have a question or need help, you guys are always right there.

williams wonder farms
Owner William’s Wonder Farm / Oregon

Our team loves using Apex! Our Oklahoma clients consistently comment how we bring professionalism to the cannabis industry! The mobile friendliness that Apex provides, allows our sales team to verify dispensaries and teach clients the platform on the spot. We truly believe Apex brings tremendous value to NuPro. Not only is the platform amazing and easy to use, the customer service that comes along with it is OUTSTANDING!

NuPro Oklahoma

White Mousse Oklahoma has been using Apex for about 4-5 months now and moving our inventory has never been easier. But what I like most about Apex is the people. Eric Williams got us set up and has been with us throughout our time with Apex. I get an email almost weekly from him just to touch base and see if we need anything. Thank you Eric and thank you Apex for making the weed business easy to navigate!

white mousse
Steve Brandenburg White Mousse / Oklahoma

They are 100% the best system we have ever used! And that’s no joke! Customer service you won’t find anywhere. The best producer to retail menu system hands down. The retailer loves that fact the can pull your test results before they have product in hand (allows them to place it on the shelf the second it gets there).

f&j farms
Frank F&J's Farm / Oregon

I really appreciate your help with this thank you so much! Your website helped me have the best sales year in our companies history! Again, thank you - Apex is the greatest wholesale management tool out there in my opinion!

elevated concepts
Dillon Elevated Concepts / Colorado

When John and Tony at Apex Trading™ approached us about their new online platform, my expectations were in-line with what I’ve seen out there already - I could not have been more wrong!

Rocky Mountain Green
Jordan Rocky Mountain Green / Colorado

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