Bigger Cannabis Yields, Guaranteed – Not Just the Stuff of Legend

Every once in a while, somebody or something comes along and reshapes everything. These game changers can be elusive, like the abominable snowman, or as in-your-face as the midday sun. Bright Yeti, as the name suggests, is a bit of both. But, just what is Bright Yeti and how are they helping the cannabis industry?

The Bright Yeti team has cracked a pretty huge chunk of the growing code. Their ground breaking technology uses molecular physics to deliver nutrients when and where the plants need them most. This amazing tech leads to improved crop vigor, increased crop yields, and boosts in flavor and aroma of cannabis. The end result – Bright Yeti guarantees average yield increases of 10% or more, or they give you your money back.

Although, it’s not just the yields that make Bright Yeti so attractive to the cannabis industry.  Their sustainable technology is not a chemical, is non-GMO and non-invasive, so it fits right in with being a clean and compliant solution for cannabis growers. Plus, Bright Yeti technology promotes the expression of secondary metabolites, such as terpenes and cannabinoids.

Bright Yeti has already started changing the game in cannabis: their technology recently helped Fat Face Farms take home 1st place for potency and 1st place for terpenes in Colorado’s 2020 Grow-Off. Here’s what Josh Monroe of Fat Face Farms had to say: “Bright Yeti is the real deal and the results speak for themselves. Our yields are up, potency is up, and we just achieved the highest terpene content ever recorded in the Colorado Grow-Off. Working with their engineers has been incredible and we’ve never seen technology like theirs anywhere.”

Bright Yeti’s technology is currently available in Colorado and will be coming to other markets soon. To learn more, visit
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