CannaSpyglass- Bringing the Regulated Cannabis Market Into Clear Focus

Scanning the cannabis industry horizon for leads is no easy task. You can spend countless hours slogging through state license databases, and mainstream business registries looking for information. If you’re savvy, you may be able to find contact info on company websites, social media, in articles of incorporation, city planning and legal documents, or even digital magazine articles. However, considering the cost of your billable time or paying an employee to do the in-depth research required, your cost of acquisition for a single lead, let alone a paying customer, just doesn’t figure.

The good news is, there are a few industrious companies out there willing to do the legwork for you, and on a grand scale. One of those companies is CannaSpyglass. Searching and pulling data from more than 150 sources including several proprietary methods, CannaSpyglass’ internal team of hardcore researchers brings together a clear view of the cannabis industry landscape. Updated when new information is available and at the very least, monthly, their comprehensive database delves not only into licensed cannabis operators – cultivators, processors, edibles manufacturers, etc. – but also into ancillary aspects of the industry.

It’s great having access to data, but without organization of the information, sifting through it can be a daunting task, to say the least. Thankfully, you won’t have to hire a SQL wizard or Excel expert to parse the info to help you make intelligent decisions. CannaSpyglass has loads of pre-built reports covering everything from licensed cannabis operators, brands and vendors to industry associations, financial insights, water providers, tax revenues and much much more by state, county, city and beyond. Further, spatial learners in search of local and distant opportunities will appreciate CannaSpyglass’ ability to visually map regional license operators, retailers, and so forth.

The straightforward user interface has an array of filters for fine tuning reports as well as an exporting tool, so you can bring data down and dissect it as you see fit. And should the pre-built reports fall short of your needs, their custom report builder lets you, or in some cases, their team, create your own hand-tailored queries. Additionally and when things get really wild, the CannaSpyglass Data Research Team is available to help you find missing or seemingly out-of-reach data.

You can expect enterprise-grade security, scalability and interoperability with CannaSpyglass. Running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and boasting direct API access to your CRM and business intelligence platforms, CannaSpyglass delivers fast and convenient access from your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile device. What’s more, through partnerships with trusted sources such as the Cannabis Industry Journal, you find the latest news, from cultivation and processing to the most-up-to-date regulatory and legislative policies and practices.    

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