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Looking for a solution to manage your entire wholesale cannabis operations & sales?

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Too many emails. Endless back-and-forth. Inaccurate inventory. Relying on brokers. You’ve probably experienced these headaches and more. All those challenges go away with Apex Trading™.

Apex Trading™ is trusted by these industry leaders

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First and foremost, Apex Trading is an amazing solution and an even better group of people. Apex Trading has allowed us to find efficiencies in many ways. The biggest time savers are the fulfillment process that ties directly to METRC, automatic COA attachment to invoices, marketing/menu asset attachment to invoices, and an easy to manage wholesale menu.

Nimbus Cannabis Co Apex Trading Client
Brian Nimbus/Hudson Botanical / Massachusetts

Definitely worth the money! Apex Trading™ saves us a ton of time and pays for itself. Plus, the customer service is the best - anytime we have a question or need help, you guys are always right there.

williams Wonder Farms Apex Trading Client
Owner William’s Wonder Farm / Oregon

We found Apex, as a team and as a software, to be incredibly responsive to our needs. The software is extremely well thought-out as we've not yet found any shortcomings. There seems to be a feature for every possible need/action.

impressed Apex Trading Client
Antonio Impressed / Massachusetts

I like being able to check my orders, browse through live menus and discover new vendors through the marketplace. Apex Trading™ has been great.

Geoff Kaleafa / Oregon

They are 100% the best system we have ever used! And that’s no joke! Customer service you won’t find anywhere. The best producer to retail menu system hands down. The retailer loves that fact the can pull your test results before they have product in hand (allows them to place it on the shelf the second it gets there).

F&J Farms Apex Trading Client
Frank F&J's Farm / Oregon

I really appreciate your help with this thank you so much! Your website helped me have the best sales year in our companies history! Again, thank you - Apex is the greatest wholesale management tool out there in my opinion!

Elevated Concepts Apex Trading Client
Dillon Elevated Concepts / Colorado

If you saw what our process was before, you'd understand how excited we are to be using Apex Trading now. The only thing I can say is that I wish we had started sooner!

Resinate Apex Trading Client
Taylor Resinate
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Are you tired of all the headaches that come with sourcing wholesale cannabis products?

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  • Create Efficiency with Standardized Ordering Processes

  • Detailed Order History Including all Past Orders with Apex Trading Sellers

  • Automated Invoicing with Licenses, COAs, and Ingredients

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