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As a wholesale cannabis buyer, you can spend a good chunk of your day trying to track down the products your customers demand. Sure, some of the open cannabis marketplaces out there can help reign in some of the hassles, but prices are often a bit higher than market and when there are issues, you may end up dealing with the marketplace and not the sellers themselves. Ultimately, this takes up more of your valuable time.

Apex Trading has seen the downside of open marketplaces and has created what we like to call a “direct marketplace.” Here you can make direct connections to wholesale cannabis sellers and negotiate pricing with them. Via our Vendor Discover feature, you can search by product types such as Flower, Cartridge, Edible and more. Or, you can look up a company by name, industry type (medical or recreational/adult use), as well as by state, for the MSOs out there. Once you find what you’re looking for, you can request access to the vendor and start a relationship with that cannabis producer.

Now, let’s say you’ve tried the Vendor Discovery, but could not find exactly what you were after. For that, we’ve created a Product Request tool that all of the wholesale cannabis producers in your market can see. Plus, our Customer Success team monitors these requests and helps to make matches on your behalf.

Apex Trading inventory interface image
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All of these great features can be accessed from desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

So, if you’re out hiking the trails, hitting the slopes, or picking up the kids, you can easily get the job done and ensure your shelves are stocked.

With Apex Trading’s handy wholesale cannabis buying tools, you’ll discover one-stop shopping and wholesale cannabis simplified. And, it’s all FREE! To learn more, request a quick demo or create your free account today.

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