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Whether it’s hunting down a seller to make a connection or pushing our development team to create a new feature or functionality to make your life easier, our Customer Success Team is unrivaled in the wholesale cannabis industry.

The core of our business is to help wholesale cannabis thrive and it goes well beyond simply creating amazing software. We not only support what we build, but we also listen to our client’s needs. With your feedback, we improve existing features and develop new ones to meet your needs and the needs of wholesale cannabis in general.

We also recognize the need to help our clients with making connections, relationship building and exposing brands to one another. Software is great and absolutely helps streamline operations and create efficiencies throughout and organization. But, there’s a personal touch in cannabis that we feel needs to be retained as our industry grows. That’s why we created our Customer Success Team.

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Dedicated to Their Markets

Each Customer Success team member is dedicated to their specific market. Of course, we have digital tools that can fully automate finding products, but our customer service folks are always on the lookout to help buyers and sellers connect. Having an in-depth knowledge of what cannabis sellers have to offer and what cannabis buyers are looking for makes our success team the perfect go-between, when you need an introduction.

Experts with the Software

Our Customer Success team members are also wizards at using our software and are even better teachers when it comes to showing folks how to get the most out of Apex Trading. They can quickly hop on a video chat such as Zoom or Google Meets and help you find the fastest and easiest ways to search through order history, search for products by category, locate new sellers or promos in your area, and so much more.

We are able to provide you with everything that you need whether it is invoicing, order management, or financial tracking. In one simple platform, you have direct access to everything that you need to know about your sales. It makes it easy for you to stay up-to-date--your accountant will thank you later.

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