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Are you getting the best deal for your company? In wholesale cannabis, it can be pretty challenging to know what the current going rates for products are. Seasonality, a shifting regulatory landscape, lack of standardization, supply and demand - all these and more can keep you guessing as to what wholesale pricing should be. Sure, many of us in cannabis are pretty savvy and have a good idea of what a pound of A bud flower testing above 28% THC should cost, but tribal knowledge coupled with market dynamics can and does result in dollars lost.

Thanks to our robust Reporting & Analytics suite, you can keep tabs on the going rates for flower, extracts, edibles, tinctures and more. You can drill deeper to see which strains are hot, what terps are moving the needle, whether hand is in demand above machine trim and so much more.

What’s more, when you use Apex Trading to manage your order process, you can easily review order history and revisit past invoices with just a few easy clicks. No more wasting hours looking for documents - it’s all right there. And from your order history, you can glean insights further up the supply chain that happen prior to what your POS software can tell you.

On top of wholesale cannabis pricing transparency, Apex Trading delivers unrivaled Customer Service. Our Customer Success Team is committed to helping you find the best products at the best prices. Plis, the Apex Trading Wholesale Cannabis Marketplace gives you a venue to hunt down products and work directly with cannabis sellers. Additional tools such as our Product Request feature let you reach out directly to sellers or the market at large. And, all of this is accessible from your phone, laptop or tablet 24/7.

Apex Trading inventory interface image
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