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Finding the products your customers demand when you need them is extremely important to your retail cannabis operation. Getting the right price to meet your margin demands and/or pass the savings along to your customers is equally critical. The Apex Trading Buyer software suite is loaded with tools to help you find what you need when you need it, put out feelers for hard-to-find products, and alert you to deals that marry up with your product mix.

Better Communication for Better Purchasing

Wholesale cannabis purchasing often requires quite a bit of communication between buyers and sellers to ensure everyone is getting what they want out of the deal. This communication allows you to work with a seller on pricing based on a number of factors to get you the best possible price. We’ve built in the instant messaging, sendable custom-tailored menus and more to allow for relationships to develop and prices to be negotiated. What’s more, our Customer Success Team is there to help you make connections, if you can’t find what you’re after via the standard features.

What’s more, you can shop for wholesale cannabis deals, promos and alerts 24/7 from your phone, laptop or tablet. And, there’s no messing around with spreadsheets or any other wonky ordering systems, because Apex Trading delivers a standardized ordering and invoicing processes.Plus, all of the required compliance documents - COA, ingredients, testing docs - are attached to your printable emailed orders.

If finding amazing deals, making connections with new wholesale sources, and standardized ordering sounds like concepts that could enhance your business and make your days easier, we encourage you to create your FREE account or sign up for a demo to learn more,

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