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It can often seem like folks in the wholesale cannabis industry do the same things a million different ways. Take wholesale cannabis ordering, for example. Some wholesale sellers like to manage their inventory and ordering on shared spreadsheets, with phone calls, some even like to jot it all down on the back of a cocktail napkins.

Unfortunately, these various ways of taking wholesale orders can create huge inefficiencies for cannabis buyers. What’s more,tracking down cannabis testing docs and COAs, and tracking down order history can put a serious drag on your bottom line.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. Apex Trading’s wholesale order management software standardizes your ordering and invoicing processes. Via our software, you can easily order via custom-tailored menus that sellers send to you. Once you place an order, the products are automatically tied to your FREE Apex Trading account and are ultimately headed your way. All appropriate and necessary documentation is attached to the order and all parties receive confirmation emails. Additionally, you’ll receive an automated invoice with the order information and association lab testing.

Order history as well as reporting & analytics are at your fingertips to help you quickly answer questions about past orders or future wholesale cannabis purchases.

You’ll love working with a standardized ordering process. In fact, we have testimonials from dispensaries and sellers across the country singing praise of how the ordering process saves them time and headaches. Plus, you’ll be happy to know that all Apex Trading’s buyer tools are FREE for you to use.

Apex Trading inventory interface image
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If the idea of getting your wholesale cannabis ordering processes into a standardized format that can make your life easier while improving your margins and reducing your overhead costs -all for FREE - sounds good to you, you’ll certainly benefit by creating your FREE account today or signing up for a quick demo to learn more.

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