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Not that long ago, the idea of working as a legit cannabis buyer was a dream. Today, it’s what a lot of us do to earn an honest living. We need to stay focused to hold onto that dream and perhaps one of the best ways for us to keep our wholesale cannabis business performing is to stay on top of the data. That’s why we’ve developed a host of cannabis reporting and wholesale analytics software features, so that you can make the best purchasing decisions for your store.

Within the Apex Trading wholesale cannabis reporting suite, you’ll find your order and purchasing history to help you track what’s going on within the wholesale purchasing side of your business. You’ll discover invaluable information to give you insights into the going market prices for products based on a number variables including strain types, potency, production methods and more.

All of the reporting and analytics ties in with the rest of the tools included in the Apex Trading wholesale cannabis software suite. You’ll have access to the marketplace, deals and alerts from sellers, price transparency and so much more. You might think having all of this wholesale cannabis buying power could cost an arm and leg and maybe even another leg, but that’s not the case with Apex Trading - for buyers it’s FREE..

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