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Across 11 State Markets

"I would highly encourage all of my clients and colleagues in the cannabis industry to utilize Apex in any way they'd deem valuable. We will undoubtedly continue to utilize their services with every operation."

C3 Cloud Cover
Jon / C3 / Cloud Cover

"One of the biggest values is that they are willing to listen to suggestions and update their platform to the needs of the industry – which I have not found anywhere else. Highly recommended for a sales platform to anyone."

Meraki Gardens
Taylor / Meraki Gardens / Oregon

"I would recommend Apex Trading to anyone in the industry looking to reach new clientele, easily sort their existing customers or new prospective buyers, and manage inventory all within one platform."

Austin Ronningen / Los Suenos / CO

"Working with Apex Trading has allowed our company to efficiently come together on wholesale inventory, CRM, and reporting. If you're in the cannabis industry, Apex Trading is the best choice to help grow your business."

Kai Cannabis
Nash Kai Cannabis / MI

“Apex has really done a great job at making this platform as user friendly as possible while still making it very detailed with a lot of options. I highly recommend this platform for anyone in the industry!!”

3 Rivers Cannabis
Ashley / 3 Rivers Cannabis / WA

"Finding and connecting with individuals in the cannabis industry has always been tough. Over the past few weeks, I have had the amazing ability of using Apex trading. This platform has transformed our sales process, allowing our business to track inbound/outbound leads, search for new prospects, and coordinate who we should be reaching out to. This last step is extremely important, as Apex has created a database, where each sales rep is easily able to understand who is already contacted and who should he contacted. Our process is much more efficient and streamlined with Apex at our hands! Thank you so much."

selfmade cannabis
Avery The Pass / Massachusetts