METRC, or “metrc”, more accurately, touts themselves as “the regulatory system trusted in more states than any other”. And in this case, that statement/marketing message reigns true. If you’re in a metrc state, welcome and we’ll be with you in just a moment. For those of you from outside of metrc here's a handy sidebar.

metrc is just part of what comes with the deal when working in a metrc-serviced wholesale cannabis state market. And, when cannabis becomes federally legal, metrc may become the standard regulatory software for all states, but that’s straying a tad off topic. Straight and to the point the Apex Trading’s metrc integration allow you to:

  • Bind Packaged & Batches on Inventory Items

  • Split & Create metrc Packages on Orders

  • Assign New Tags to Packages on Orders

  • Finish Packages to Keep metrc Organized

  • Leverage metrc Data in Sales & Inventory Reports

  • Draft Manifests Coming Soon!

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We realize throwing a bulleted list of metrc benefits out there may feel a bit aggressive.

But, we’re not here to compliment ourselves. And like any savvy cannabis business owner or manager, you wouldn’t just take our word for it. Look at what the folks over at SelfMade, an amazing sungrown cannabis grow operation hailing from Portland, Oregon with a “trior of farms nestled in the Applegate Valley.”

“Apex has completely changed our lives and business for the better.

We are saving lots of time, reaching more customers, and providing faster service with their help. That was just with 1.0! The new additions to the platform are so thoughtful. It's like they took a my wishlist and incorporated everything. The metrc integrations, CRM and all the other bells and whistles are amazing.

Do yourself a favor and give Apex a try.”

selfmade cannabis

Catherine Selfmade Cannabis / Oregon
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Have we piqued your interest with our metrc integration?

We hope so, but that’s really just the beginning of what Apex Trading delivers to your wholesale business. Inventory, sales and order management software, developed, literally from the ground up, by wholesale cannabis professionals for wholesale cannabis professionals. Custom, branded shoppable online menus, a massive toolbox of ops-streamlining components, the list goes on.

If we have gotten your attention, please schedule a quick demo. If you’re not interested at all, we can likely pull a Jedi mind trick on you and with that - sign up for a demo here

Own your brand, own the industry!

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