The Bay Area is famously cannabis-friendly. At one time, the simple mention of San Francisco was enough to conjure up images of haze and dispensaries in one’s mind. Today, it’s no different. From Dolores Park in San Francisco to venues across the bay in Oakland, the cannabis industry is thriving.

At Apex Trading, we’ve been working in the cannabis industry for years and are proud to bring an all-in-one business management solution to wholesalers in the Bay Area. We know exactly what goes into making cannabis production and supply lines run smoothly.

We’ve formulated an affordable management software to ensure that your entire business can function at a high level.

Surpass Retailer’s Expectations With Customizable, Automated & All-Around Modern Wholesale Cannabis Menus

A good customer-facing interface is crucial to convert buyers. We’ve ensured our storefronts allow for superb, custom brand menus which can be navigated with ease. Our suite of tools will enable you to display your products in their best light, allowing potential customers to get a comprehensive view of their qualities such as Cannabinoids Terpenes, Grow Environment and Grow Medium, Drying and Trim Method, Extraction Method, Ingredients and more.

Luckily, the backend is just as easy to understand and operate. A particularly convenient tool among many is our helpful Inventory management tool that keeps track of stock levels in real-time. Accurate pricing and transparent inventory, coupled with your custom branded storefront, are sure to generate repeat business. And if you’re not convinced, just take a look at our customer reviews!

Manage Your Business Effortlessly With The Help Of Wholesale Cannabis Sales Management Software

Updating excel sheets and managing a team can be time consuming and complicated. Passing off tasks can be equally as challenging without proper systems in place. At Apex Trading, we understand that it can be hard to find harmony in all facets of your business. As a result, we’ve devised our wholesale business software to incorporate all phases of cannabis inventory, order and sales management.

Our wholesale management tools do it all: tracking and managing orders, automating compliance, reporting, and analytics, plus so much more. By streamlining your wholesale operations, you—the cannabis grower, cannabis extractor, whatever your passion may be—can focus on just that and not have to worry as much about mundane business tasks. Forget about the mountains of paperwork, system repairs, or hours or data tracking; consider our wholesaler management software your new in-house multi-functional employee. It never tires, takes care of almost anything you’d like, and produces results every time!

Cultivate Wholesale Cannabis Brand Loyalty That Never Stops Giving

When it comes to wholesale cannabis, Bay Area cities like San Francisco and Oakland have plenty of brands to choose from. To stand out, you need to produce results consistently and offer high-quality service each and every time.

Using our wholesaler software’s customer relationship management tools, we aim to support brand loyalty and steady customer-base growth. Keep in touch with existing customers, convert interested parties to buyers, and find new customers with continued outreach.

With our Customer Relationship Management tools, you can easily make direct connections with retail cannabis buyers from all over the Bay Area. Whether you’re looking to get business going throughout the region or simply focus on one hot-spot such as San Francisco – our management software has you covered.

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