The Emerald Triangle is the heart of America’s cannabis scene. A combination of the right climate and suitable cultural conditions have led the Emerald Triangle’s cannabis bounties to thrive.From this elevated spot in Northern California, the majority of the state’s cannabis is grown and distributed.

Whether your business is in Humboldt, Mendocino or Trinity county, the logistics and management demands of sharing this harvest state-wide are immense. At Apex Trading, we know there are better things cannabis wholesalers could be doing with their time. So, we’ve offered up our low-cost wholesale management software to help.

Wholesale Cannabis Software that’s Easy to Use

Naturally, every software needs a user-friendly interface. We’ve geared our software platform to be intuitive and straightforward to make life easier for everyone. You can even customize permissions so that employees can focus on their roles without being distracted by other parts of the business process. This increases productivity and minimizes the risk of human error.

Our inventory management tool is incredibly convenient, because it keeps an eye on stock levels in real-time, immediately updating any stock changes across all systems. As a result, neither you nor your clients are ever left in the dark over product availability. Moreover, we provide custom branded menu tools, giving you free-range to cultivate a system that works for you and your Emerald Triangle brand.

Our software’s guaranteed accurate pricing and transparent inventory are known for driving business. Sound too good to be true? Check out our client reviews to see what wholesale cannabis businesses across the country have to say about Apex Trading.

Streamlining Bothersome Business Processes With Wholesale Sales Management That Works

A lot of behind the scenes tasks contribute to a cannabis business running smoothly. These tasks are all interconnected from data input, customer information collection, logistics, stock tracking and so much more. Our software creates a simplified workflow to ensure that no component of your inventory, order and sales processes are overlooked.

Our wholesale management software works towards automating and streamlining these tasks in a way no human can. Whether it be analytics, processing orders, or even automating compliance – we have you covered. Rather than hours of paperwork, excel sheets or sluggish loading times, our management software operates at peak performance, incorporating all tools necessary to optimize business processes.

Apex Trading’s suite of tools does it all: tracking and processing orders, automating compliance, reporting, analytics, and so much more. The software’s overall aim is to free up your time and resources for not only doing what you love - producing cannabis- but also to help take care of the more essential tasks such as upscaling, marketing, customer service improvement, and increasing sales.

Wholesale Cannabis Brand Loyalty That Goes The Distance

Whether you’re in Humboldt or any other part of the country, one trusted success blueprint for businesses to follow is excellent customer relations. Customers choosing to return to your business or not can be the difference between financially thriving or failing.

We’ve designed our software’s management tools to promote the type of brand loyalty that makes your business stand out in the crowded Emerald Triangle cannabis market.

How? Retailers are frequently on-the-go, looking for the best, most reliable products for their customer base. Their success in this endeavour depends largely upon the reliability of their wholesalers. As a result, professionalism, diligence, and speedy service is essential to the wholesaler-retailer experience. We can help with all of this and more.

With our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, you can easily make direct connections with retail cannabis buyers in all corners of the Emerald Triangle. And since it’s the largest cannabis-growing area in the US – we take competition seriously. Our wholesale management software is designed using only the best of features and technology to ensure your brand image doesn’t fall behind. So, retailers will know they’re dealing with a top-market Emerald Triangle wholesaler.

If any of these features sounds like they might help your business, we encourage you to sign up for a quick demo to learn more.

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