Los Angeles is a city of firsts when it comes to cannabis. Not only did the nation’s first cannabis drug raids happen here way back in 1914, but it’s also the proud owner of America’s first Original Cannabis Café.

With the passage of Prop 64 and legalization of cannabis, demand has only further increased from earlier medical days. As of now, there are 187 legal dispensaries across the city, making the most of this demand spike. To put that into context – that’s about a quarter of the number of dispensaries in all of Colorado – impressive.

From Beverly Hills to Burbank– Los Angeles natives are looking for new ways to enjoy cannabis. With a host of products such as flower, extracts and edibles becoming commonplace throughout LA, retailers have high expectations from cannabis wholesale producers.

At Apex Trading, we’re looking to arm wholesale cannabis producers with the best, low-cost tools to get the job done and stand out in a saturated market.

An Ultra-Modern Wholesale Cannabis Interface Built For Success

Our wholesale cannabis software was built with the Los Angeles market in mind. In fact, our custom-brand menu features give our clients a full range of tools to service existing buyers and attract new ones. These menus are entirely intuitive and allow viewers to get an idea of what a brand and their products are all about at first glance. It can be sent out via or email or integrates seamlessly with your company’s website.

Moreover, its built-in, real-time inventory management tool means that stock levels are updated on the spot. Retailer’s expectations are rising by the day due to rapid technological advancements. Therefore, having real-time features incorporated across your operation is a must.

Conveniently transparent inventory paired with accurate pricing promotes user satisfaction. Apex Trading’s intuitive interface provides seamless navigation that is known for simplifying workflow for employees throughout the process and creating greater efficiency. This simplicity also makes it convenient for retailers making bulk orders.

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Make Your Business Work For You: Wholesale Cannabis Sales Management Made Fast & Simple

Mundane tasks are notorious for giving managers headaches. These duties often take time, dedication, and money away from where they could be best used – invested back in the cannabis business. Our wholesale management software includes automation tools that minimize these administrative burdens.

Apex Trading’s suite of tools handles it all: tracking and processing orders, automating compliance, reporting and analytics, and so much more. By optimizing and streamlining your wholesale processes using our software, you and everyone throughout your organization are free to focus on what really matters - crafting great products.

Rise To The Top OF The Wholesale Cannabis LA Market Through Brand Loyalty That Lasts

LA has a fast-paced cannabis market that’s known for rapid shifts in its customer base. Since preferences and demographics are regularly changing, retailers are looking for wholesalers who can adapt. Our customer relationship management tools are devised to build trust and brand loyalty.

When retailers experience with a wholesaler is fast, stress-free, and thorough, they leave with a good impression and are more likely to return. With our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, you can easily make direct connections with retail cannabis buyers from all over the city of angels. Convert your customers to fans with fun discounts that will keep them coming back!

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