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Craft matters to the Portland cannabis community, probably more so than to any other cannabis market in the country. We have an intimate understanding of this because Apex Trading™ is headquartered right on Vancouver Ave in Portland. In fact, if you’re ever in the area and hit Por Que No, Eclipse, Prost or any number of the restaurants in area for lunch or a post work libation, you’re likely to run into one or more of the Apex Trading™ team.

Apex Trading’s team has been working in emerging markets since the beginning of recreational cannabis. We have thousands of cannabis businesses across the country, including Portland. And because we’ve been at it for so long, we fully understand the dynamics of transitional and mature markets, too. We truly know what it takes to streamline wholesale operations and we’ve built the tools to get it done. We and our customers have found that bringing on b2b cannabis software tools early in a company’s and/or market’s development can give you a serious advantage as wholesale cannabis transition from novel to extremely competitive business.

We’ve followed similar craft principles when creating our wholesale cannabis software. It’s not just what you make, but how you make it. The energy, intent, practices and more, all come together to make a product that is more than just the materials and knowledge used to build it.

We’ve found that relationships are essential to Portland B2B cannabis and our wholesale cannabis software has been designed to support the connections you’ve worked so hard to create. Whether it’s wholesale cannabis inventory management , B2B cannabis order management or customizable, shoppable menus , we’ve crafted our platform so that it’s easy for both you and buyer clients to interact with.

Apex Trading™ is trusted by these Oregon industry leaders

  • belushis farm Apex Trading Client
  • pdx organics Apex Trading Client
  • Funk Extracts Apex Trading Client
  • Meraki Gardens Apex Trading Client
  • decibel farms inc Apex Trading Client
  • cannassentials Apex Trading Client
  • The Dub Apex Trading Client
  • Tokyo Starfish Apex Trading Client

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