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Seattle glistens like a jewel in the Pacific Northwest. From the bustle of Pike Place Market, the vistas atop the Space Needle, even paying respects to Bruce Lee, Seattle has loads to offer, including some of the best cannabis in the world.

With Apex Trading’s headquarters just down the road in Portland, we feel like that good neighbor, ready to lend you a tool or even a cup of nutrients to ensure your harvest is the best it can be. In fact, we built an entire suite of B2B cannabis software tools that are ideal for the Seattle wholesale market. You’ll find cannabis order management tools, inventory management software, sales management functions, even custom pre-pack features designed specifically for the Washington state market.

When you’re running a Seattle wholesale cannabis business, or cannabis company anywhere, for that matter, it’s essential that your operation runs as efficiently and effectively as possible. Managing B2B cannabis inventory from spreadsheets can create oodles of issues, from selling products that have already been sold to not selling products that haven’t been. Keeping track of who’s selling what to who and for how much, the challenges go on and on.

Apex Trading™ delivers the software tools you need to simplify and streamline your cannabis inventory, standardize your wholesale ordering process, plus it has the data you need to help you make the best decisions for your B2B cannabis company. What’s more, we’ve made a commitment to the plant and those who support it to provide the best possible wholesale cannabis software at the best possible price - see our pricing here.

Cannabis growers, extractors, edibles manufacturers and more from Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, everywhere across the United States are using Apex Trading’s wholesale software. Many have written in to tell us how we’re doing - check out the reviews here.

Further, our B2B management software gives Seattle wholesale cannabis businesses customizable wholesale menus, outbound marketing tools, CRM capabilities, easy access to invoicing, compliance and testing docs, reporting and analytics, and much more.

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