Belushi’s Farm – Yep, that “Belushi” is Not Only an Actor, Activist, Singer & Dancer, but Also an Amazing Cannabis Grower

You know what’s really cool? Having one of the biggest names in cannabis on your platform – Belushi’s Farm. Of course, some of the largest and best wholesale cannabis producers in markets across the country have chosen Apex Trading as their partner for inventory, order and sales management. However, Belushi’s Farm just feels different. Maybe it’s the ties to the Blues Brothers, classics like K9 Cop, Red Heat, or the enduring and endearing According to Jim. Whatever it is, we’re stoked to have them, and now, here’s a little bit about the farm.

If it’s not already obvious, Belushi’s Farm draws its name from actor Jim Belushi. Jim, after having spent quite a few weekends at a friend’s place in Oregon’s Rogue Valley, was captivated by the beauty and splendor of the land. He was soon hunting for property and ultimately settled on 93 acres right on the Rogue River. The plot had once been a Elks Lodge picnic area and featured a number of smaller outbuildings. Belushi repainted and refurbished the existing structures and also built a new house near the river. The building of that home can be seen on the DIY Network show appropriately titled Building Belushi.

The fertile soil and clean waters, or as Jim puts it, the “Spirit of the Land and the Spirit of the Rogue River,” are ideal for growing cannabis that heals and enriches lives. Belushi has assembled a top-shelf team to help him craft cannabis he’d be proud to put his name on. The operation has since grown to farms in other states, too, but the core of the business sits on the banks of the Rogue. 

You’ll find three signature brands coming out of Belushi’s Farm – Blues Brothers, Captain Jack’s, and Belushi’s Secret Stash – each with its own unique positioning. Blue Brothers is the “working man’s brand” that promises to “deliver the best possible stimuli to our endo-cannabinoid receptors.”  Captain Jack’s is touted as “The Smell of SNL” and focuses on the legendary Afghanica strain created and provided to the Saturday Night Live cast during its heyday by renowned grower Captain Jack. Belushi’s Secret Stash is the crème de la crème of the line and features premium genetics, hand harvesting, and hand curing by a select team of seven cannabis gurus.  

As of the writing of this article, Belushi’s Farm products are currently available in fine dispensaries across Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma and Illinois. Check out the Belushi’s Farm Apex Trading profile page here.

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