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  • Easily Manage Real-time Inventory, Complete with METRC Integration
  • Quickly Process Orders and Push Directly to Quickbooks
  • Make Buying & Selling Easier with Branded, Customizable Storefronts
  • Own Your Own Brand Experience & Customer Relationships
  • Gain In-depth Understanding with Sales & Inventory Reports
  • Generate New Leads Via the Vendor Marketplace, Storefront Links & Website Menu
  • Guide Decisions with Wholesale Market Pricing Insights

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Managing Orders, Clients and Inventory Shouldn’t Be a Hassle

Too many emails. Endless back-and-forth. Inaccurate inventory. Relying on brokers. You’ve probably experienced these headaches and more. All those challenges go away with Apex Trading™.

Apex Trading is trusted by these industry leaders


  • Free and Easy to Join
  • Discover New Products Via Live Wholesale Menus from Top Brands in Your Market
  • Post Your Wholesale Needs to Sellers & Receive Alerts When Items Become Available
  • Create Efficiency with Standardized Ordering Processes
  • Detailed Order History Including all Past Orders with Apex Trading Sellers
  • Automated Invoicing with Licenses, COAs, and Ingredients

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One-Stop Shopping

Open 24/7 and filled with flower, extracts, genetics, pre-rolls, trim and more.

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