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Wholesale competition is on the rise and it's more important today than ever to streamline operations and build your brand.

That’s why we created Apex Trading™. Delivering all the software tools needed to simplify wholesale operations while creating an environment in which Buyers and Sellers interact directly ensuring the best value for all.

Built for wholesale cannabis by cannabis industry professionals.


  • Easily Manage Real-time Inventory, Complete with METRC Integration
  • Quickly Process Orders and Push Directly to Quickbooks
  • Make Buying & Selling Easier with Branded, Customizable Storefronts
  • Own Your Own Brand Experience & Customer Relationships
  • Gain In-depth Understanding with Sales & Inventory Reports
  • Generate New Leads Via the Vendor Marketplace, Storefront Links & Website Menu
  • Guide Decisions with Wholesale Market Pricing Insights

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Managing Orders, Clients and Inventory Shouldn’t Be a Hassle

Too many emails. Endless back-and-forth. Inaccurate inventory. Relying on brokers. You’ve probably experienced these headaches and more. All those challenges go away with Apex Trading™.

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  • Free and Easy to Join
  • Discover New Products Via Live Wholesale Menus from Top Brands in Your Market
  • Post Your Wholesale Needs to Sellers & Receive Alerts When Items Become Available
  • Create Efficiency with Standardized Ordering Processes
  • Detailed Order History Including all Past Orders with Apex Trading Sellers
  • Automated Invoicing with Licenses, COAs, and Ingredients

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One-Stop Shopping

Open 24/7 and filled with flower, extracts, genetics, pre-rolls, trim and more.

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