Work-From-Home Tips for Wholesale Cannabis Industry Workers

You have to admit, it’s kind of crazy out there right now. Yet, it’s awesome to see just how proactive the cannabis industry has been in the face of the Covid19, aka the coronavirus pandemic.

Wholesale producers and their dispensary counterparts have been coming up with innovative ideas such as using grow room air filtration systems to help keep the air cleaner in the retail stores. Dispensaries started using sanitation and social distancing protocols at the onset and often before any official orders or guidelines had been established.

With a chunk of our cannabis industry workforce being asked or required to work from home, things can get a little hectic transitioning to home office. Here are a few quick tips to help you establish some level of normalcy in the chaos.

Maintain Regular Hours – It’s easy to get lost in your work and end up starting earlier or going later into the evening. One thing you’ll want to do is be respectful of your work-life balance and not over do it. At the same time, you could use that extra time, usually spent on your commute, to go the extra mile for your company.

Set Ground Rules with Your Family/Roommates – Let your kids, partner/spouse, roommates and even pets know what they can and cannot do during work time Interruptions, loud music, asking questions, etc. can really take you out of your tasks. Give them a head’s-up when meetings/calls will be taking place, so they’re quieter during those periods.

Schedule Breaks – Be sure to move away from your screen from time to time, but don’t over do it. A lunch hour and two 15-minutes breaks are usually the standard. Use an alarm on your phone to ensure you’re getting away and coming back to work.

Keep a dedicated “Office” Space – This will help with organization and productivity. Your pen and notebook will be handy. You’ll know where your laptop charger is, etc. And, this allows you to separate work from homelife.

Socialize with Colleagues – It’s so important to keep the workplace relationships going strong. At Apex Trading, we’ve started doing video on all of our meetings, so we get to see our coworkers (and to make sure our hair is looking good). Further, we’ve started running 420 party/meetings on Fridays at 4:20, of course. This gives a chance to unwind and interact with the team in a less stressful way. Remember, we’re in the cannabis industry and work should be more fun than your average widget makers.

We hope these tips help you get through the madness of the day. The Apex Trading platform offers software that allows wholesale cannabis buyers and sellers ways to work from home, on laptop/desktop, phone or tablet. If you’d like to find out more, please sign up for a quick demo

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