Apex Trading and BDSA Partner to Create the First Comprehensive View of Wholesale and Retail Cannabis Pricing Data

We’re excited to announce our partnership with BDSA in creating the first-to-market, comprehensive view of wholesale and retail cannabis pricing data. When we first started talking with BDSA about this project, we both knew we’d be creating the best pricing resource for wholesale cannabis producers and their retail buyers.

The joint effort between Apex Trading and BDSA allows wholesale businesses and dispensaries to understand and predict patterns within their cannabis product sets. Rather than having to aggregate data from multiple sources, now there is a single location for all of this rich information to help cannabis companies make better decisions faster than ever before.

The Wholesale Pricing Solution offers wide visibility into pricing trends with features such as:

– Weekly Pricing Indices
– Minimum, Maximum & Average Pricing within a Market
– Breakdowns of Pricing by Product Category

With this info, wholesale cannabis producers can see where the marketing rates are for similar products they offer and price accordingly. At the same time, retailers can research and ensure they’re paying the best price for the various products they source.

For more detail check out the press release here. To learn more about adding the power of the Wholesale Pricing Solution to your business, click here.

At Apex Trading, we’re constantly looking for ways to help you improve your business and make it more profitable. Whether it’s this comprehensive wholesale data view or inventory management, order management, sales management and a host of other great software tools, we’re here for the cannabis industry.  To learn more about how Apex Trading can help streamline and simplify your operations, and elevate your wholesale business, sign up for quick demo here.

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