Cooper Mountain Gardens – A Hidden PDX Gem of a Cultivation with Roots in the Old Country

Nestled in the Tualatin Valley just outside of Portland, you’ll find the craft cultivation known as Cooper Mountain Gardens. Tucked in amongst the conifers and oaks, is a prairie field that looks much like it has for hundreds years.

During the growing season, radiant, sun-grown plants soak up the rays and thrive in the nutrient-rich soil. The namesake of this charming grow – Cooper Mountain – rises 764 feet, and is the primary geological feature in the area. The mountain itself is fittingly named after Ohio immigrant Perry Cooper, who settled on the mountain way back in the 1850s.  

Cooper Mountain Gardens was founded by Chris Zielinski, a first-generation immigrant, who has, for years, been supplying the greater Portland area with some of the best Polish sausage this side of the Mississippi. Not long ago, Zielinski was selling Polish food at his festival stand and mused “would you like a smoked sausage, or something to smoke with a sausage?” It wouldn’t be long after that Chris, ever the man of action, started his farm.   

Zielinski grew up in southern Poland, but had dreams of seeing the world. He made his way from Krakow and ultimately landed in Portland, Oregon. A hard worker with an eye for what sells, Chris started his Polish sausage business and it was a hit. Perhaps some of the success can be attributed to care and craft he pours into his work. Now, he’s creating another delicious consumable – Oregon sun-grown cannabis.

This year, Zielinski focused on strains such as Portland Cookies, Oregon Diesel, Mango Sherbert and Purple Hindu Kush grown in living, organic soil. Cooper Mountain Gardens finishes their buds with hand trimming, machine trimming or combination trimming. It’s hard to say if it’s the Oregon sun, the fertile ground, or Chris’ magic touch, but something in that mix really makes his products special.

If you’d like to learn more about what Zielinski and Cooper Mountain Gardens has to offer, be sure to check out their Apex Trading profile here.

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