Heading On Down to the Southern Oregon Cannabis Cup 2021 in Medford

This event has been postponed. 🙁

Our Portland-based Apex Trading Team is headed down to beautiful Medford, Oregon on June 26th for the inaugural Southern Oregon Cannabis Cup. That in and of itself would be fantastic, but it gets even better. Our very own Katie from Customer Success and Keala from Sales will be judges. That’s right, they’ll be sampling the best of what Oregon producers have to offer.

Katie and Keala will be evaluating the Beaver State’s top cultivators and extractors. The cup competition will cover four categories:

Indoor Flower
Full Sun Flower
Solventless Concentrates
Open Extracts Category

To ensure there’s no bias, judges won’t know the strain or producer name for the products in the competition. To further guarantee the integrity of the competition, no sponsors are allowed. That means only the truly most preferred cannabis products will rise to the top.

Isn’t great being in the cannabis industry! If you are headed to the competition, keep your red eyes peeled for Katie and Keala. If you do see them and need a light, hit them up for lighter – they usually have an extra or two.

Please note: this is an invite-only event, 21 and over.

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