Benson Arbor Craft Cannabis – Sun, Soil and Genetics Coming Together in Just the Right Way

Just a few miles outside of Medford, sitting up against the Siskiyou Mountains, is the historic Gold Rush town of Jacksonville, home of the Benson Arbor cannabis cultivation. Owned and operated by Noah Levine, Benson Arbor crafts sun-grown, outdoor flower found at dispensaries across the state.

Originally hailing from California and graduating from Santa Clara University, Levine snagged his first Med Card way back in 2005 and began growing indoors. But, Noah realized that cultivating inside of buildings was limited to the size of the structure and wanted to take his craft outside. By 2009, Levine had plants in the ground. Ultimately, he brought his craft to the fertile fields of southern Oregon under the moniker Benson Elvis, named after, as legend has it, his pup who’s lip-curled smile was a dead ringer for the King’s. Today, the company’s name has evolved to Benson Arbor and they are renowned for their small-batch, mountain-grown cannabis.

With more than 15 years of growing under his belt, Noah, who lives on the 200-acre farm with his family, and the Benson Arbor team are masters of their craft. The farm’s primary focuses are on genetics, the soil, and the natural ways to protect against pests.

Finding the right strains is hugely important to farm as they have recognized that the genetic potential of the plant is what makes a great cannabis product or a total dud. At the same time, you need to be able to provide value to your customers, so massaging out the peak potential of the genetics is paramount at Benson Arbor. 

When it comes to soil, Benson Arbor treats the land like the living organism it is and the farmers and soil work as one together. Further, the team uses predatory mites to control pests as an alternative to harsh pesticides. The end result – super clean, healthy plants that live up to their genetic potential and provide the value consumers demand. 

Benson Arbor’s craft cannabis has been recognized with awards at Oregon Growers Cup as well as the The Dope Cup. Apex Trading is delighted to support Noah and his team to help bring their products to the entire state. To learn more about their award-winning strains, check out their company profile.

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