Herbington Farm – the Quintessential Southern Oregon Cannabis Cultivation

Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley is known for its whitewater rapids, gorgeous sweeping views, wine, and, of course, world-class cannabis. Among the cultivations that dot this fertile land you’ll find Herbington Farm in Grants Pass.

Headed up by husband-and-wife team Slim and Lulu, Herbington Farm prides itself for bringing out the best in sun-grown strains. It starts with choosing and creating the right cultivars and planting them in the region’s clean, living organic soil. Then, it’s all about the care and tending to the plants’ needs as they gently mature under the warm southern Oregon sun.

Come harvest time, Herbington Farm’s specialized curing process and hand trimming finishes their buds in just the right way. The end result – delicious, effective, clean cannabis sure to put a smile on your face and some red in your eyes.

Whether it’s cooking, making music, raising kids or growing cannabis, when you pour your heart into it, the end result can be really special. Slim and Lulu and are doing just that. Check out the Herbington Farm profile here to learn more about their products and to contact them directly.

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