Pangaea Extracts – Connoisseur-Quality Oil Crafted with Sustainability in Mind

Established in 2014, Pangaea Extracts can trace its roots back to the mid-to-late 2000s when founder Joseph Escobar began cultivating under the OMMP guidelines. But even before that, then 12-year old Joseph moved to Oregon from Panama with his father looking for a better life in the land of opportunity, and boy did he find it.

Today, like the supercontinent of its namesake, Pangaea Extracts has grown from a small-batch, single-source producer to a state-wide brand that can be found in dispensaries everywhere from Portland to Pendleton, Newport to Grants Pass and most places in between. Yet, Pangaea still focuses on things that really matter, such as environmental impact and sustainable sourcing.

Escobar and team were heartbroken seeing so much waste created from cannabis products. Basically, you purchase a product, rip off oodles of packaging, and toss it right in the trash. So, Pangaea developed their Environmentally NeutralTM packaging that is 100% recyclable. Further, they only source their cannabis flower from the best, most responsible growers.  

And when it comes to crafting their oil, Pangaea Extract uses their custom-engineered extraction equipment along with specifically formulated extraction technology to create the quality of cannabis oil they had always dreamed of.

With their stellar products and sound production practices, Apex Trading is thankful to have Pangaea Extract as a client. To learn more about Pangaea’s products, check out their profile here.

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