The Beauty of Mosaic – Creating Loyalty Between Cannabis Dispensaries and Consumers

Every once in a while a company crosses our path that we feel obligated to tell our clients and the cannabis industry, in general, about. Mosaic is one of those companies.

In these demanding times of long hours and tired mornings, it’s hard not to be familiar with Starbucks and their rewards app. Mosaic has reimagined and reengineered this concept for cannabis, and it’s a brilliant piece of tech. Mosaic’s software offers an extremely efficient and effective way for dispensary retailers to get their products in front of cannabis consumers in a familiar and engaging manner.

Mosaic’s intuitive mobile-first user interface delivers a straightforward customer experience that keeps the dispensary brand front and center. Products are displayed with rich images and detailed product information to make purchasing decisions easier. Additionally, the loyalty rewards component creates compelling incentives for consumers to increase ticket size and continue to come back to the store.

The Mosaic app seamlessly integrates with digital payments for quick and easy transactions. Plus, the built-in push notifications keep consumers in the loop while creating savings over costly, and often illegal, SMS text messages. Further, cart and order abandonment features let dispensaries recapture lost revenue.  What’s more, all behavioral data and app analytics are captured and can be leveraged to generate better-converting, personalized experiences for the consumers.

Much like Apex Trading, Mosaic has built their software to be a great fit, whether you’re an MSO or a mom-and-pop shop. Larger dispensary chains will appreciate a unified look and feel as well as integration across all locations. Smaller stores enjoy a professional presentation that elevates their brand in the eyes of the consumer.

To learn more about the Mosaic dispensary loyalty rewards app, click here. If you’re interested in Apex Trading’s wholesale inventory, order and sales management software, our marketplace or any of our other industry-driving tools, we encourage you to request a demo by clicking here.

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