Alaska Cannabis Brands – Are Your Prices for Wholesale Cannabis Business Management Software Too High?

Word on the street is LeafLink has raised their wholesale software prices for Alaskan cannabis brands by three times. For years, Apex Trading has been working with cannabis companies all over the United States and we fully understand how this sort of price increase can have an incredible impact your budget and wholly disrupt your operations.

We built Apex Trading to help cannabis brands and the plant thrive. We want cannabis and the companies that produce cannabis products to be here for the long haul. To that end, we’re working with Alaskan cannabis producers to help them find a less-expensive, alternative solution to LeafLink. From Anchorage to Juneau and all across the Land of the Midnight Sun, if you need a hand, Apex Trading is here to help and we encourage you to reach out. What’s more, we’re committing additional resources to help with onboarding Alaskan cannabis companies looking for a reasonably-priced LeafLink replacement.

Not to worry, you’ll find all of the features you had on LeafLink on Apex Trading. Beyond those, you’ll discover a range of additional wholesale cannabis business tools that can really help you streamline your operations and improve the processes throughout your business.

Here’s a quick overview of the main features and tools to give you an idea of how Apex Trading stacks up to LeafLink. You get so much more and for less.

Real-time Inventory:
✔ Adjusts When Orders are Created
✔ Adjusts When Orders are Modified
✔ Adjusts When Orders are Canceled
✔ Robust, Easy-to-Use Inventory Reporting

Apex Trading Business Process Streamlining & Automation:
✔ Easy Task Management
✔ Time-Saving Workflows
✔ Administrative Oversight
✔ Inventory Automation
✔ Sales Automation
✔ Order Automation
✔ Payment Automation
✔ Logistic Automation
✔ Reporting Automation

Robust, Intelligent Reporting:
✔ Product Sales & Performance
✔ Buyer Orders & Performance
✔ Inventory & Stock Levels
✔ Sales Team Activity
✔ Samples Conversions
✔ Custom Reports

Rich Email Marketing Features:
✔Send your entire menu or focused product sets – all with custom-tailored pricing & discounts for each wholesale buyer
✔Choose from ready-made email templates or design your own with custom content blocks, colors & graphics
✔CTAs take eager buyers directly to your storefront with information-rich product pages
✔Make smart decisions & follow-ups with in-depth open & click reports that flow right into the CRM

Time-Saving Integrations
✔Dutchie (formerly LeafLogix)
✔Open API

Selling Features & Tools:
✔ Online Payments
✔Financing & Terms for Your Buyers
✔3PL Portal
✔Branded Storefronts
✔Shoppable Live Menus

Unrivaled Client Support:
✔Dedicated Account Manager
✔White Glove Onboarding
✔Platform Knowledge Base
✔Responsive Tech Support
✔Helpful Live Chat

You can also check out our Alaska wholesale cannabis service page here for more info. If you’re based in Alaska, we hope our commitment to the cannabis industry and our long list of features give you a little relief from the recent price increases. If you’re interested in learning about how Apex Trading can help you automate inventory and order management, deliver a host of sales tools, and support you as if you’re part of the family, we encourage you to request a demo by clicking here.

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