The Maine Grower’s Marketplace – the Best-Kept Secret for Maine Wholesale Cannabis Isn’t Really a Secret

Every first Saturday of the month, you’ll find a bustling cannabis marketplace chock full of Maine’s caregivers, medical cardholders, cultivators, extractors, edibles producers and more.

The grower’s marketplace was co-founded in 2020 by Rick Bissonnette and Jennifer Whetzel to help create connections between local, licensed medical cannabis growers and retailers. Their first event was held in an American Legion Hall and featured 12 vendors. Since that inaugural run, the pair have held dozens of these events and have interacted with hundreds of businesses in the flourishing Maine cannabis business space.

Depending on the time of year, the marketplace is held indoors or outdoors. From February through May, you’ll find a host of vendors, sponsors and participants at the event’s indoor location in Scarborough. When the weather turns warm, from June-October, the Maine Grower’s Marketplace heats up and moves to a beautiful outdoor spot in the gorgeous town of Gray, midway between Portland and Lewiston. At either location, you’ll find a wonderful and welcoming sense of community that is tied to a celebration of the plant. 

Aside from being a fantastic place to meet like-minded people, a great networking experience, and the spot to find some of the best cannabis brands and products that Maine has to offer, the Grower’s Marketplace has an array of sponsorship and vendor opportunities for getting your cannabis brands, ancillary products and services in front of the ever-growing cannabis community. Whether you’re established or just starting out, this cannabis community hub has something to help you thrive. For additional information about the Maine Grower’s Marketplace, when the events are happening, how to get tickets, sponsorship opportunities and more, click here to visit

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