Leaf Trade, LeafLink, Apex Trading – Which Wholesale Cannabis Software Platform Do You Need?

Back in the day, being a cannabis producer was pretty straightforward. You knew who you could trust and who you couldn’t. You knew what you needed and what you didn’t. These days, crafting cannabis products certainly feels much more complicated. It seems as if everyone and their brother has something to sell you. Whether it’s equipment, services or software, there are so many choices, who really knows what you need, and if you do need it, who has the best offering.

We don’t have all the answers, but we can provide some clarity with regard to which cannabis software platform is right for you. In this article we’ll be looking at our own platform, Apex Trading, and how it stacks up against two of the largest wholesale cannabis software providers, LeafLink and Leaf Trade.

Here’s a little background on each company: 

A quick trip to LeafLink’s LinkedIn page gives you this quick description – “LeafLink is the industry’s wholesale platform. Easily and efficiently sell, ship, pay, get paid, advertise and drive margin. LeafLink is live in 30 markets with over $5B in annual orders.”

LeafLink has been able to raise a lot of capital and their marketplace has a solid and likely the largest presence in many of the state markets. However, recent monthly subscription price increases, lack of functioning features beyond the marketplace, and an unresponsive customer service team has their clients looking for alternative solutions.

Leaf Trade
From their LinkedIn page you’ll find this description – “Leaf Trade is a technology company that helps facilitate ordering and fulfillment in highly regulated cannabis industry. Leaf Trade is more than a marketplace for wholesalers and retailers in the cannabis space. Leaf Trade streamlines the entire ordering & fulfillment process, payment process, and post-sale reporting. Leaf Trade partners with some of the largest multi-state cannabis operators and serves nearly 25 states.”

Recently, Leaf Trade merged with Sweed, a cannabis POS, or Point of Sale, software company. One might think having the wholesale side of things, via Leaf Trade, tied to the retail side of cannabis, by way of Sweed, is a fantastic idea. However, others may view this amalgamation as more of a burden, because it limits your options as to which point of sale or which wholesale management system you’d like to choose.  

Apex Trading
On our LinkedIn page you’ll find the following, “Apex Trading helps businesses streamline operations by optimizing inventory and order management while also providing an array of sales tools that let producers own their brands and retail buyers work directly with those brands. The company is constantly listening to the needs of cannabis industry customers and adding features to the platform to make running cannabis businesses easier. Thousands of cannabis cultivators, extractors, distributors, edibles manufacturers & dispensary retailers across the US are choosing Apex Trading to streamline their cannabis company operations, make intelligent business decisions and save money.”

That pretty much sums it up, but to add a bit to it, the entire team at Apex Trading prides itself on delivering the best, most responsive customer service in cannabis. We feel giving you the support you need to use our cutting-edge tools is paramount in holding up our end of the bargain.

Check out these comparison charts for Apex Trading LeafLink and Leaf Trade:

If you would like to learn more about how Apex Trading can help your business with inventory, order and sales management, streamline ops and and reduce OpEx, request a demo by clicking here or learn more by clicking here

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