How Did April 2024 Shake Out? See the Free Wholesale Cannabis Data Reports

April has come and gone. Now, it’s time to take a look back at the wholesale cannabis data for one of the most important months to the industry. These informative reports will give us an idea of how flower sold in Vermont, how extracts performed in Alaska, and so much more. Further, we’ve added a new split view for Maine to include Med and Adult Use reports.

What’s in the April 2024 Wholesale Cannabis Data Reports

These free wholesale cannabis data snapshots for April 2024 let you see wholesale pricing trends for the industry’s top product categories. You’ll see wholesale pricing for cannabis product types such as packaged 8ths and quarters, vape cartridges, prerolls and more. 

Apex Trading offers these wholesale cannabis data reports to you free of charge. To what end, you might ask? It is our hope that the cannabis plant, your business, and our industry will live long and prosper. If generating and giving you these wholesale cannabis data reports helps you and your business, we couldn’t be more willing.

Are you interested in a specific state market’s stats? Would you rather see a national view? It’s all good – we have both. On top of that, Apex Trading’s cannabis data is a view of actual anonymized wholesale sales that flow through the platform. This lets you get a more informative understanding than what you might see with standard survey data.

Follow the links below for access to the free April 2024 wholesale cannabis reports. Whether you’re a state operator, local brand, an MSO, consultant or ancillary service provider, we feel you’ll find value in the reports. By the way, these free cannabis snapshots just scratch the surface of the wholesale data we capture. Through the Apex Trading platform we can see whether machine-trimmed flower sells better than hand-trimmed flower. We also know what terps and cannabinoid profiles are doing best in what state markets. There’s all of that and much much more.

Would you like to learn more about our data, our wholesale cannabis business management tools and how we’re helping thousands of cannabis companies across the US? Request a quick demo by clicking here.

Your Links to the April 2024 Wholesale Cannabis Data Reports

Alaska – April 2024 Wholesale Report
Montana – April 2024 Wholesale Report
Vermont – April 2024 Wholesale Report
Massachusetts – April 2024 Wholesale Report
Maine – April 2024 Wholesale Report
California – April 2024 Wholesale Report
National – April 2024 Wholesale Report

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