Can Cannabis Inventory & Marketing Work Together? You’ll Love the Answer

Our friends over at Happy Cabbage recently posted a great article about the ability for cannabis inventory and marketing to work together. In it, you’ll find informative topics such as “Escaping the Discount Doom Loop,” and “Have Your Cake and Eat It Too.”

The former addressing the issues and delivering solutions for holding too much cannabis inventory and not having those dollars available for marketing. The latter hits on the concept of understanding accurate demand tied with a robust purchasing system to better run your inventory and related promotions.

Here’s a taste:

Cannabis Inventory & Marketing

Burn Down the Walls Between Marketing and Inventory

At many cannabis retailers, managing dispensary marketing and inventory are separate functions with different employees managing them. This is totally rational, of course.

But what if these two separate functions could support each other? read more

If you’d like to learn more about Apex Trading’s wholesale cannabis inventory and marketing tools, request a demo by clicking here. To learn more about how Happy Cabbage helps take the guesswork for cannabis retailers when ordering and restocking, click here.

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