Cannabis Benchmarks, Baklava & Mardi Gras – The Perfect Wholesale Cannabis Data Cocktail

This past Tuesday evening while many were out celebrating Mardi Gras, I decided to take the partying spirit to the interwebs. That is, I packed a big ol’ bong of Baklava from Alien Labs, a Cali brand with some out-of-this-world strains, took a few tokes and blasted off to the Cannabis Benchmarks website. 

We’ve been partnering with Cannabis Benchmarks for some time and I often peruse the wholesale cannabis spot index reports and have referenced the Annual Review & Mid-Year Update reports over the years, but I hadn’t taken the time to fully explore their site.

It turns out the Cannabis Benchmarks team has packed their web pages with loads of free content. A word of warning for those jonesin’ for that sweet b2b cannabis data – once you start on their free stuff, you’ll likely be back and paying for the premium content. It really is just that good. But, back to Fat Tuesday. 

As I may have mentioned earlier, their spot index gives a great overview of wholesale transactions based on cannabis grow types, so outdoor, indoor and greenhouse. Plus, you’ll find trending simple averages on price per pounds and grams, rec and med pricing and more. What I hadn’t realized, until the hazy clouds of Baklava were filling the room, was that they also have the archived reports going back for more than year! I’m telling you, you can get into those and geek out to your heart’s content.

There’s also a slew of free white papers, the spot price snapshot looking at 17 state markets, and a section of curated articles with info that impacts the entire industry. You can even subscribe to receive some of the reports via email. All of this discovery was like finding the baby in the King Cake. Heck, there’s probably quite a bit more, but man that Baklava and all the reading about cannabis got me thinking I needed a new grinder, so I ended up over at Amazon and lost track of the evening. I did wake up with some beads around my neck, but I really have no idea where they came from.  

Anyway, the next time you have a couple extra hours and want to fill your head with info that’s important to know when you’re in the wholesale cannabis industry, fire up some good smoke and head on over to You won’t be disappointed and you’re sure to learn something new.   

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