Dialing in Your Wholesale Cannabis CRM

We had a great webinar for our active wholesale cannabis sellers and wanted to share with all. In it, we cover some of the latest updates to the platform, including cannabinoid fields in the inventory section and using on-hold versus inactive status.

However, the juicy stuff kicks in when we start talking with our panel guests, Justin Jeffries of Greenstone and 101 Solutions and Mike Lomuto of Jade Fire and Dao Mastery Performance. Both are industry experts/cannabis consultants working with cannabis producers in Colorado.

Dialing in Your Wholesale Cannabis CRMThe conversation starts with Mike highlighting how his client, Jade Fire, needed help with some of their sales systems. When he came on with Jade Fire, they were using Apex Trading, but at only about 10% of the potential functionality. He started in on the project with the focus of getting sales and customer relations systematized using the Apex Trading platform.

Justin then jumps into the discussion and talks about how genetics and process have helped Greenstone distinguish themselves from the competition. He follows that up with how a cannabis-centric CRM such as Apex Trading allows them to promote, sell, communicate, track and maintain their products with ease.

The dialogue continues and it’s likely, if you’re in the wholesale cannabis space, you’ll find some useful information that will help your business. Please click here or on the image to see the entire video. 

Apex Trading is in the industry for the plant and we’re always willing to help out our fellow cannabis business. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out or request a demo here.  



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