How the Hemp Industry is Evolving, Ways in Which the Hemp Space is Developing the Same As Cannabis & More – John Manlove Joins the CannaInsider Podcast

Each week, Matthew Kind, host of the CannaInsider podcast, goes behind the scenes to chat with the movers and the shakers in the cannabis and hemp industries. This week, our very own CEO and Founder John Manlove is that mover and shaker.

John joins Matthew for an engaging conversation around how hemp is a huge and growing part of the cannabis legalization story. They also take an inside look at Apex Trading’s sister hemp platform Bushel44, the differences between Bushel44 and the LeafLink platform, John’s background in both hemp and cannabis, why smokable hemp is trending and much more.

Whether you’re an established hemp or cannabis business, just getting started in the industry, or are simply curious about the current state of affairs, this podcast is a great listen. Check it out here or wherever you find your podcasts.

To learn more about how Apex Trading or Bushel44 can help your wholesale cannabis or hemp business, check out the websites – and or sign up for a quick demo – Wholesale Cannabis Management Demo or Wholesale Hemp Management Demo.

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