Should You Listen to Your Customers or Your Investors?

Apex Trading is a startup in a startup industry. Though our primary focus is delivering a world-class wholesale cannabis platform to legal producers and wholesale buyers across the US, we also recognize that many of our clients are also startups in that same startup industry. With that, we wanted to share This is Why You Listen to Customers, Not Investors from our friends at the Silicon Valley Momentum podcast.

In the podcast, Roland Siebelink, the show’s host, speaks with Henry Bennett, CEO & Co-Founder and Paul Loram, Co-founder of YourWelcome, a startup that offers tablets to transact and interact with Airbnb guests. The topic may not be related to wholesale cannabis, but the meat of the conversation is prime for anyone in the startup world with lots of juicy tips and advice for helping build a business.

You’ll find out why constant dialogue is crucial for any startup partnership, the importance of having an end goal in mind for funding, why startups shouldn’t forget to approach different customer segments in different ways, and of course, why you should listen to your customers instead of investors. Give it a listen – we’re sure you’ll get something out of it that will help you and your company as you grow.

Further, if you’re a wholesale cannabis producer or retail dispensary and would like to learn more about how Apex Trading can help you and your team streamline your operations, create efficiencies throughout your business, and save you on your operating costs with inventory, order and sales management software tools, please request a quick demo.

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