Apex Trading’s Live Chat Feature – Helping to Build Trust and Open Communication in the Cannabis Industry

Trust and communication have always been at the core of the cannabis industry. As we’ve created software for wholesale producers and their retail counterparts, we have strived to include features that promote and enhance both trust and communication. Whether it’s including all testing docs within a standardized ordering process or developing an in-platform chat feature that allows buyers and sellers to negotiate pricing, work out any issues, or simply stay in touch, trust and communication are ever-present elements of Apex Trading’s software.

Our aforementioned chat feature was designed with the intent of making relationships between wholesale cannabis businesses stronger.  Live chat is a great way for buyers to ask sellers questions prior to placing an order to ensure everyone is on the same page. On the other side, cannabis sellers can use the chat system to provide retail purchasing managers with any updates about their orders. This helps to reduce not only wasteful, after-the-fact communication, but further bolsters the confidence the transacting businesses have with one another.

We’ve sprinkled our chat system throughout the Apex Trading wholesale cannabis platform. Cultivators, extractors, product manufacturers and their retail-side counterparts will find chat access points in the main navigation, communications tabs, on storefronts, within their vendor profiles, and other areas to make talking with each other always just a click away. 

Loads of cannabis companies across the US have found our live chat tools to be super valuable and use them on a regular basis to not only clear up issues and keep all parties in the loop, but to also find new product sources and new buyers for their goods. What’s more, chat is just one piece of the greater Apex Trading software suite. Beyond chat, Apex Trading offers inventory, order and sales management tools, shoppable storefronts and menu widgets that can be sent via email or embedded directly onto a seller’s website, and that’s just the tip of the cola.

To learn more about how our chat feature and the rest of our wholesale cannabis business management tools can help your company, set up a call here or request a quick demo. If you’re a wholesale cannabis buyer and are ready to get started, create your free account here

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