Earth & Altar – Medical or Recreational Flower? How about Mystical!

Did you like that headline? It pretty much comes directly off the Earth & Altar’s website. It goes on to say that Earth & Altar’s cannabis flower “is for the weirdos, misfits, rebels, mystics, yogis and all you beautiful people out there who see through the bullshit into something deeper and truly magical.”

Their messaging and brand identity is targeted at the holistic and health-minded consumer segment of the Colorado cannabis market. That’s some pretty cool branding that is sure to resonate throughout the Centennial State.   

The Denver-based cannabis brand is powered by the renowned team over at Jade Fire, so you know they have the skills to cultivate some seriously amazing flower. But, Earth & Altar is taking it next level by really focusing on the vibration and energy aspects that go into crafting their products. You’re probably familiar with the concept that the love that goes into a home-cooked meal is what really makes all the difference and it’s why we all get so much more out of homemade food. Here, the same applies to cannabis. The energy, care and intent flowing through all stages of the grow, from seed to sale, manifests itself in a superior cannabis product overflowing with that good mojo.

Whether you personally believe in that transference of positive vibes or not, Earth & Altar is crafting absolute fire. And that, along with their enlightened messaging is reverberating throughout the wellness, martial arts, yoga and meditation communities. If you retail cannabis dispensary is looking to expand its range with products geared toward these consumer segments of the Colorado market, look no further than Earth & Altar. Check out their profile here and connect directly with Earth & Altar.

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