420 2022 – Massachusetts Wholesale Cannabis Specials, Promos and Deals

The origins of 420 can be a bit fuzzy. There are tales of intrepid college students regularly setting out at 4:20pm in search of a legendary, clandestine cannabis field near campus. Some say the number has to do with police radio call numbers related to marijuana offenses. Regardless of its true roots, 420, and now April 20th as well as the days surrounding the date, have become the biggest cash-earning period of the Massachusetts market and the entire cannabis industry.

From Boston to Springfield or Pittsfield all the way out to Provincetown, cannabis consumers expect 420 deals on their favorite flower, cartridges, extracts and edibles. Cultivators, extractors and manufacturers across The Bay State go to great lengths to ensure they can meet the demand and deliver 420 specials to Massachusetts dispensaries. Store intake managers work overtime to keep the shelves stocked with well-priced cannabis products for the deal-hungry shoppers.

If you’re a GM of a Massachusetts cannabis dispensary, you’re likely already aware that the Apex Trading Marketplace is choke full of products ripe for 420 specials. If you haven’t been sourcing your products from top Massachusetts cannabis brands on the marketplace and want to check it out, click here. But before you go, be sure to take a look at these hand-picked 420 promos from your favorite Massachusetts cannabis producers.

Northeast Alternatives has a couple of great 420 deals for you and your customers. First, it’s buy 2 cases of prerolls, get 1 additional case of prerolls for just $1! The second 420 special is buy $6,500 of any 0.5g 510 vape carts or 0.3g disposable vapes and get your choice of any case of disposable vapes for just $1! Click here or on the image to visit the Northeast Alternatives profile page and connect directly with the brand.


Hudson Botanical Processing is in the 420 deals spirit and is offering 5% off single orders of $25,000 or more when you order Cheeba Chews, Green Hornets, Nimbus Vapes, and Nimbus Flowah. Click here or on the image to visit the Hudson Botanical Processing profile page and connect directly with the brand.

Gibby’s Garden has a great 420 special – buy any 20 of their products and 4 of the same product for FREE! Plus, they have new item – Gibby’s Drip Sticks made with Mr E Pupil- be sure to ask Gibby’s them about them. Click here or on the image to visit the Gibby’s Garden profile page and connect directly with the brand.

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If you’re a Massachusetts cannabis retailer and want a fast, easy and free way to source products with standardized invoicing, order history, easy-to-download product images and descriptions and a support staff that is always ready to please, we encourage you to create your free account by clicking here today.

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