Colorado Wholesale Cannabis Deals, Promos and Specials for 420 2022

The legends and lore that surround 420 are many, but no one in the Colorado cannabis market can deny, April 20th means big sales for our industry. Some attribute the special day being connected to a group of adventurous college students who left class every day at 4:20pm sharp on a quest to find a mythical field of cannabis hidden near the campus. Others say the 420 number is related to a now-archaic police call sign for marijuana-involved offenses.

Wherever the truth lies, one thing’s for sure, everyone from Grand Junction across to Denver, from Fort Collins down to Durango and everywhere in between celebrates 420 with consumption and cold hard cash. Colorado’s wholesale cannabis producers, whether they be cultivators, extractors, or edibles manufacturers gear up and work overtime to ensure the retail outlets have shelves stocked with 420 deals, promos and specials. Cannabis consumers love getting a great deal on some top-shelf flower, a terp-heavy cartridge, or a tasty THC-infused treat.

Throughout the Apex Trading Colorado Marketplace, cannabis retail store managers and purchasers will find an array of well-priced products ready to be that special 420 deal for their customers. Click here to visit the marketplace. But, before you head over to the wholesale cannabis marketplace, be sure to check out a couple of hand-picked Colorado 420 wholesale deals we’re shouting out below.

From 4/13-4/20, DabsLabs is discounting its carts by 25%. Plus, if you’re on SpringBig, they’ll promote the deal at your location at no additional cost. And for the Budtenders out there, all March and April distillate cartridge orders are eligible for the DabsLabs Budtender Rewards Program. Click here or on the image to visit the DabsLabs profile and connect directly with the brand.

From now until 4/20, Colorado’s National Green Source is knocking off $50/lb on $600 lbs. Click here or on the image to visit the National Green Source profile page and connect directly with the brand.

If you’re a Colorado wholesale cannabis producer looking for cost-effective, simple and straightforward ways to manage your inventory, orders and sales processes while reducing operating costs, we encourage you to check out the Seller Page here to learn more. Or, get right to it and Request a Demo here.

If you’re a Colorado cannabis retailer and want a fast, easy and free way to source products with standardized invoicing, order history, easy-to-download product images and descriptions, as well as a team of support staff always ready to please, we encourage you to create your free account here today.,

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