Decibel Farms Increases Orders by 1,350% with the Help of Apex Trading Wholesale Cannabis Software

About Decibel Farms: Decibel Farms is a small family, highly-awarded producer and processor of sustainably-grown, top-shelf cannabis products. Based out of the Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon, their cultivation practices, living organic soil, and local environment create some of the best conditions to grow high quality cannabis with a limited carbon footprint. Decibel Farms selects cannabis strains with unique terpene profiles and higher potency potential to ensure “high decibel levels” in every product – their promise is “to keep it loud”.

The Challenge
Decibel Farms had been using LeafLink, a marketplace, but just weren’t finding it helpful for getting their menu out to their customers or managing their sales team, and found themselves having to do duplicate work. Further, Decibel Farms keeps inventory in two different warehouses and the LeafLink software wasn’t designed in a way that made it easy to manage the inventory, sales and fulfillment coming from multiple facilities.

The Solution
After serious research and consideration, Decibel Farms decided on Apex Trading to help solve their challenges. Using the straightforward email tools within the platform, Decibel Farms began sending targeted emails to their clients with custom products and pricing tailored to each. The in-platform CRM and role-driven task management features allows Decibel leadership to guide the sales team to do quick and easy follow-up and track performance while driving more sales. What’s more, by working with the responsive and ever-helpful Apex Trading Customer Success Team, Decibel Farms has dialed in their dual-warehouse operation.  

The Results
“The fact that they are so accessible really makes it easy for me to address challenges in real time,” says Colby Huling, VP at Decibel. “And, Apex makes it so easy to track success.” After fully adopting the storefront, Decibel Farms saw a 1,350% increase in orders placed by buyers through the marketplace and menu sends. This drove an 800% increase in total monthly volume. In addition, they went from zero to 14 marketplace orders, representing $15,000 of completely new revenue that wouldn’t have been realized without platform adoption. What’s more, these customers are now a source of new recurring business for Decibel Farms, easily managed through the Apex Trading software.

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