Highly Cultivated – A Medford, Oregon Producer Crafts Cannabis Rivaling the Renowned Pears & Wines of the Region

Nestled in along the 1-5 corridor in southern Oregon and sitting on the edge of Bear Creek, you’ll find Medford, known for its tasty pears and delicious wines. However, thanks to its local cultivators, Medford has also earned a reputation for its fantastic cannabis. At the top of the list of Medford’s wholesale cannabis producers is Highly Cultivated.

The Highly Cultivated team crafts new and unreleased, sought-after strains using some of the cleanest practices in the industry. You’ll never find their highly-skilled crew using sulfur or harsh pesticides. Instead, Highly Cultivated uses predatory nematodes in the substrate to keep their bud bug-free.

Grown indoors using rockwool, Highly Cultivated’s delectable flower is hung in a humidity and temperature-controlled room. What’s more, their detail-oriented trim crew hand trims the nugs to give them the “bag appeal” consumers demand.

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