Apex Trading Clients Among List of Oregon Cannabis Companies that are “Beyond Organic”

Last week, our friends at MJ Brand Insights posted a piece about nine Oregon cannabis farms that are taking “organic” to the next level.

A few of the farms featured in the article use Apex Trading’s wholesale cannabis software platform to help run their businesses. You’ll find awesome details about Apex Trading clients Rebel Spirit Cannabis, Snodgrass Family Genetics, and Cannassentials and how they’re going the extra mile to craft some of the cleanest, most-eco friendly products in all of Oregon. We couldn’t be more proud of these Oregon cannabis companies – great work everyone!  Check out the entire article here.

If you’re a cultivator, extractor, edibles manufacture, genetics house, wholesale cannabis distributor or cannabis retailer/dispensary in Oregon or any legal cannabis market and would like to learn how Apex Trading is helping the industry reduce costs and streamline ops with inventory, order and sales management, please request a demo here or shoot us an email at sales@apextrading.com   

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