Maine’s Leb City – Crafting “Quality-First” Medical-Grade Cannabis

Tracing its roots back to 2017, Leb City Greeneries was founded in the historic border town of Lebanon in southwestern Maine. As the company grew, it relocated a few miles southeast to Berwick and continues to craft top-tier, medical-grade cannabis for the Maine market. Further, the company expanded its range with Leb City Extracts.

Years of experienced growing and smart business sense allows Leb City to produce top-shelf products at an unbeatable value without sacrificing quality. Big, ripe frosty buds and distinct terpene profiles are signatures of Leb City’s “quality first” production standard.

You’ll find the crew at Leb City crafting an array of strains such as Garlic Z, Humboldt Dream and Pineapple Mimosa. Their flower is indoor grown, hung dried and hand trimmed to bring out the best in the buds. What’s more, Leb City offers wholesale bulk extracts, cartridges, pre-rolls and more.

If you’re a licensed dispensary located in Maine would like to connect directly with Leb City or would like to view their menu, click here.

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