Highlight from the 2022 Massachusetts Cultivators Cup

On September 3rd and 4th, some of the best cannabis cultivators and extractors from across Massachusetts gathered at the Worcester Palladium for the 2022 Cultivators Cup. The competition was fierce and the bud was fire. 

Apex Trading clients JustinCredible Cultivation, Ocean Breeze Cultivators and Gibby’s Garden all posted up some amazing products and totally sent the judges to the stratosphere, but the day went to other Massachusetts farms. Busta Rhymes provided the soundtrack, the smoke was thick and terpy and everyone had yet another great day in the cannabis industry.

Here’s the list of winners by category.

Theory Wellness – 1st Place: #23 Irish Cannonball
Harbor House – 2nd Place: #28 Albarino
Green Gold – 3rd Place: #5 G13 Kush

Bountiful Farms – 1st Place: #3 Slap & Tickle
Green Gold – 2nd Place: #12 Lemon Cherry Gelato
Happy Valley – 3rd Place: #6 End Game Cookies

Happy Valley – 1st Place: #6 End Game Cookies
Bountiful Farms – 2nd Place: #4 Cholorado Chem
Nature’s Heritage – 3rd Place: #3 Double Krush

Berkshire Roots – 1st Place: #5 Vortex Live Resin
Green Gold – 2nd Place: #1 Sour Joker Crumble
Commonwealth Alt. Care – 3rd Place: #7 NF1 Badder

Happy Valley – 1st Place: #3 Live Hash Rosin
Bountiful Farms – 2nd Place: #1 Papaya Cake
Happy Valley – 3rd Place: #2 Cannabis Terpene Distillate

Green Gold – 1st Place: #8 White Chocolate Macaroons
Green Gold – 2nd Place: #9 Poppin Candy
Coast – 3rd Place: #19 Tangering THC Gummies

Congratulations to all!

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