Apex Trading and Dutchie’s LeafLogix Now Integrated for Wholesale Cannabis Businesses

There are wholesale cannabis producers that love Apex Trading. There are wholesale cannabis producers that love LeafLogix. And, there are those that love both. Thankfully, Apex Trading and Dutchie/LeafLogix have partnered to create an integration between the Apex Trading and LeafLogix platforms.

With the ability to create batches between the platforms, you’ll be able to save time managing your inventory. Plus, you can sync Dutchie/LeafLogix packages with Apex Trading inventory batches. 

How Does it Work?
The integration works by connecting your Dutchie production/processing environment with your Apex Trading account via our API. There you will select the rooms and package statuses that should be retrieved from Dutchie to flow into Apex Trading. Once completed you will be able to bind your SKU/Products between the two systems by inputting the Dutchie SKU into the correlating Apex Trading product. When a new package is created in Dutchie/LeafLogix and designated to a wholesale room/status, Apex Trading will fetch that package and automatically create it as a new batch under a pre-bound inventory item/product with the available quantity.

What Information Does It Pull?
Every newly created batch through the integration will include the available quantity, potency, terpenes, minor cannabinoids, and other information we can retrieve on a package.Inventory will auto-deduct in Apex Trading as orders are placed and will realign with Dutchie/LeafLogix when manifests are created.

Implementation is fast, easy and free. You’ll just need to take a few simple steps with operation and API keys using our implementation guide and you’re good to go in no time. If you would like to learn more about our Dutchie/LeafLogix integration and how it works with our industry-leading sales management tools, please request a demo by clicking here.

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