How to Sell Wholesale Cannabis 101 – Just Send the Menu

Are you a cannabis cultivator, extractor or edibles manufacturer? Does your sales team currently rely on shared spreadsheets or other static formats to communicate available wholesale inventory to sell to dispensary purchasing managers?

Problem: While sending static “menus” might sort of work initially, it takes a lot of effort and lacks automation, ultimately resulting in wasted time and resources. What’s more, static inventory lists can go quickly out of date and the flower, extracts and edibles you’re trying to move may no longer be available. Further, those spreadsheets provide little, if any, in the way of branding for your company and offer limited information about your products. There is a better way.

Solution: Apex Trading gives your sales team the tools it needs to send branded menus with live inventory directly to buyers. Not only is your brand front and center with your logo and color palette, but each menu includes loads of rich product information such as images, detailed product descriptions and COAs. And, your buyers can easily make purchases via best-practices, ecommerce ordering and invoicing. What’s more, the processes are automated to save you time, energy and cash. Plus, there’s follow-up task management, reporting and so much more.

If being able to easily create and send branded, live menus to dispensary purchasing managers sounds interesting to you, we encourage you to request a demo by clicking here. Need more convincing? Check out what real Apex Trading customers have to say about the platform by clicking here.

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