Just In Time for the Holidays – Wholesale Cannabis Data: State-Specific and National Snapshots for November 2022

The Holidays are in full swing, Christmas is just around the corner, and the Apex Trading wholesale cannabis data snapshots are wrapped up and ready to go.

Our free November 2022 data snapshots are under the tree, or in this case, linked at the bottom of the page, to help you keep up on what’s happening in your state-specific market or at the national level. You’ll find minimum wholesale listing prices, maximum listing prices, and average wholesale selling prices for categories such as bulk flower, pre-packaged flower, cartridges, prerolls and more.

Below are the links to the Massachusetts and Oregon snapshots along with a look at National wholesale cannabis data. We’ve compiled these static glimpses of cannabis data to help you begin to unwrap what’s going on at a high level in your state market.

It’s our sincere hope that these cannabis data reports add a little holiday cheer to your day and give you a bit of information to help make your life and year-end business decisions easier. If you’d like to learn more about Apex Trading, the data, or how our inventory, order and sales management tools are helping thousands of wholesale cannabis producers and retailers across the nation, we encourage you to schedule a call (click here) or sign up for a quick demo (click here).

Here are those links

Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – Massachusetts November 2022

Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – Oregon November 2022

Wholesale Cannabis Data Snapshot – National November 2022

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